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In our online store you can find most of our products for purchase. If you are a business and need to buy other products not offered in our shop, please you can contact witdh our Customer Service. We will be happy to assist you.


  • Coffee Collection

    The Factory of the "Coffee Collection" cafe, selects the best coffees from the best in the world .
    Thoroughness and good work in the toast , for a natural coffee of exceptional quality selected by the best experts . All this is the fruit of a constant search to obtain the best raw material demand in the countries of origin

  • Tea

    The Factory of Tea Collection, selects the best teas and herbal teas in the world at their place of origin , so that you can fully enjoy all the natural properties. For a wider choice, also available in different formats and varieties.

  • Cacao Collection

    The Factory Cocoa Collection, selects the best cocoa beans in the countries of origin, and through a meticulous handmade process , you get this delicious cocoa. It comes in different varieties to suit all tastes. Enjoy now, this warm pleasure 

  • Bakery Collection

    The Factory Bakery Collection, rescues for customers old and artisans recipes under the name Selection Obrador. They are made, following carefully the traditional methods, using raw materials of excellent quality , 100 % natural. Enjoy now, the sweet and delicate flavor of tradition.

  • Fresh Collection
    Fresh Collection es la gama más refrescante y sorprendente de la Factoría.
    En ella podemos saborear los cremosos smoothies de frutas, sanos y deliciosos.
    Los frappés más refrescantes, como los de café o chocolate, y combinados del yogurt griego más cremoso, con frutas.
    Y algo nuevo y diferente: la selección Ice Tea. Deliciosos tés fríos para combatir el calor 
    de la forma más refrescante y saludable.
  • Jewelry Collection

    Originales piezas de joyería inspiradas en nuestros productos. Una forma diferente de ser elegante.

    Fabricadas de forma artesanal en plata de ley, con el mimo y detalle que imprime a todas sus creaciones:  


  • Machines
  • Accesories